Course Flow


The course is set up to work in a specific sequence, but you are welcome to work through in any order you want. You can use the tools and learnings that work for you and ignore those that don’t.

How the course works:

  • Set a goal that can be achieved between now and the end of November
  • Determine what your ultimate “test” is going to be (race, training run, or other event)
  • Follow course materials to develop a training strategy
  • While training, learn and incorporate new tools into your training routine
  • Attend clinics (in person, or virtually) to practice with instructors and other athletes
  • Complete assignments in online course
  • Reach out to other athletes to meet up and schedule group runs
  • Interact on Facebook group forum
  • Get help from coaches
  • Get help from other athletes
  • Train and prepare for test
  • Celebrate and share learnings



Block out your calendar for the three run clinics and end-of-program celebration. It's OK if you can't make all of them (we'll share videos and learnings), but we'd love see you there. The first run clinic is scheduled for August 28th, 6:30-8:00pm, at Valley Forge National Park. The remaining events follow every 4 weeks, concluding on November 20th. The online courses and Facebook forum will remain active as long as needed. If possible, please indicate your availability for in-person events in the online Facebook group.