Runner's Toolkit

Posture Exercises

Why Posture? Posture is dynamic, transient and ever-changing – the result of our past experiences, injuries, emotions, activities, lifestyle choices and interaction with the environment. Posture is “your story” and how you present yourself to the world. That’s wonderful if yours is already excellent, but quite daunting otherwise. Changing your posture isn’t as easy asRead more


Self-Myofacial Release (SMR) Arguably the most important aspect of any athlete’s training is recovery. It’s so important, in fact, that we’re going to discuss again and again on this site. Too often, we see athletes over-train or ignore the “extras” such as sleep, nutrition, hydration, mindset, etc. Maybe they’re intentionally ignoring those aspects of theirRead more


Running Plyometric Drills Plyometrics take running strength exercises a step further by adding more dynamic powerful movements. They should not be attempted unless a solid base of strength, running fitness, and drill execution is already in place. Like drills, you can integrate at the same time you do strides, or you can do them afterRead more


Run Drills Running drills are another way to improve running strength, mobility, neuromuscular coordination and resilience. They are more advanced than strides and should be incorporated once a solid running foundation is in place. They are often performed at the end of running workouts after performing a few strides, but you can do them anyRead more


Run Strides A simple, yet highly effective, training activity is to do something called running “strides” a few times per week. It only takes 5-10 minutes and they are perfect to do at or near the end of your runs (or as part of a warmup for races or intense workouts). They are short runningRead more


Movement Preparation (Warm-up) Exercises A movement preparation routine is essential to prepare your body for energetic activity, priming your nervous system to help you perform at your peak. Proper warm-ups should also help you practice and refine movement patterns and technical skills, increase mental focus, activate key stabilizers, increase heart rate and core temperature, andRead more

Run Strength

Running strength exercises Here are some exercises to work on that will improve key components of your running. They target specific strength, mobility, and movement patterns that help you become a better (more efficient & resilient) runner. You’ll want to perform them two-to-three times a week. They can be done at just about any time.Read more

Breathing Exercises

Better Breathing for Runners There are a number of reasons why our breathing habits might not be as good as they should be. 1. Sitting too much (especially in bad posture) 2. Too much screen time 3. Poor posture/postural awareness 4. Movement dysfunction (increased compensatory strategies) 5. Specializing in a specific sport at an earlyRead more