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Drills – Runner's Toolkit


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Run Drills

Running drills are another way to improve running strength, mobility, neuromuscular coordination and resilience. They are more advanced than strides and should be incorporated once a solid running foundation is in place.

They are often performed at the end of running workouts after performing a few strides, but you can do them any time as long as you are fully warmed up. Each drill is performed for 15-20 seconds, and 1-2 sets of these drills are sufficient.

High knee drillunfold_more

Quick feet, high knees

High knee drillclose

Perform a running motion but drive knees up quickly each step. Arm movement and posture should be the same as running. Land on forefoot each time and try to minimize ground contact time.

Quick feet drillunfold_more

Even quicker feet!

Quick feet drillclose

Very similar to the high-knee drill, but the goal is to raise and lower feet as quickly as possible.

Skip drillunfold_more

Skip slowly while emphasizing vertical push-off and amplitude

Skip drillclose

This is a simple skip that emphasizes the push-off to leap as high in the air as possible each step. Start small and build up intensity as you feel comfortable.

Carioca drillunfold_more

Lateral movement drill

Carioca drillclose

Move laterally to your left or right, alternating between a step in front and a step behind your body. When stepping in front you should emphasize a high knee movement. Repeat in both directions (left and right).

Backward skip drillunfold_more

Start slow and progress as coordination improves

Backward skip drillclose

Perform the skip drill moving backwards. You won’t be able to leap very high, just focus on quick and stable feet.

ADVANCED: Skip kick drillunfold_more

Requires high amounts of coordination and strong hamstrings

ADVANCED: Skip kick drillclose

This is a more advanced version of the skip drill that includes an extension of leading leg and quick “pull-back” to get it back underneath center of gravity. Do not perform this is hamstrings are weak or injured.

ADVANCED: Bounding drillunfold_more

Requires strength, mobility, and perfect movement patterns

ADVANCED: Bounding drillclose

Bounding is a running stride where you over-emphasize the push-off and make your stride length as long as possible. Make sure you continue to strike the ground underneath your body, not out in front of you.

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