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Plyometrics – Runner's Toolkit


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Running Plyometric Drills

Plyometrics take running strength exercises a step further by adding more dynamic powerful movements. They should not be attempted unless a solid base of strength, running fitness, and drill execution is already in place. Like drills, you can integrate at the same time you do strides, or you can do them after performing running strength exercises. 1-2 sets is usually sufficient.

Two-foot jump plyometricunfold_more

Start by jumping up and down in place; progress to jumping up onto boxes or other objects

Two-foot jump plyometricclose

Standing on level ground with legs shoulder width apart, perform a vertical jump that takes you as high into the air as possible. Land as softly and quietly as possible. Repeat 10-20 times.

Once comfortable with this, you can progress to a box jump where you leap up and onto a raised surface.

Split squat plyometricunfold_more

Jumping split squat, alternating legs

Split squat plyometricclose

Start with legs in a split-squat position with one leg in front and the other behind. Leap up into the air and switch your leg position so that the rear leg moves in front and the front leg moves behind. Land softly in a split-squat position and immediately initiate your next leap. Continue to switch your feet each time you jump. Repeat 10-20 times.

Single leg plyometricunfold_more

Single leg hops around square on ground

Single leg plyometricclose

Stand on one leg and imagine that you are standing on one corner of a square in front of you that has sides measuring about 2 feet. Staying on one leg, jump to each corner of the square in a pattern that alternates between diagonal and lateral moves. As you improve, you’ll be able to jump further and faster. Repeat 10-20 jumps on each leg.

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