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If you are using a Garmin watch and want to sync data with Training Peaks and Strava, there’s an easy way to get this set up.

Garmin’s AutoSync allows you to upload your training data or workout files to your Garmin Connect account which then automatically pushes to your Training Peaks & Strava accounts. Below is a description of the training sites and how to get the auto sync to work.

Training Peaks (trainingpeaks.com) – Training Peaks is great for self-coached athletes, but it is essential for connecting and collaborating with a professional coach. It aids client/coach communication and provides a very detailed training log & history of all your completed workouts. There are numerous graphs and charts for detailed analysis of your training and feedback from your coach. You will see a tally of your daily, weekly, monthly & yearly mileages, durations, personal bests, along with a host of cutting-edge analytic tools to measure your fitness, fatigue level and progress. No other website offers such a complete and in-depth experience for the coach and athlete.

Strava (strava.com) – Strava has many similar features to Training Peaks but does it in a more social and simplified manner for the athlete. We recommend to open a Strava account if you haven’t done so already. Strava will automatically break down your run or ride into segments (specific section of road or trail) and compare your effort against your past efforts, as well as other athletes who’ve run or ridden that same segment. You can then see where you rank and use this information for a little motivation to start moving up the leaderboards. This can be thought of as a social network for athletes. Check out and join our Team Run Xpress club on Strava.

Garmin Connect (connect.garmin.com) – Garmin Connect is recommended for all athletes using a Garmin device due to the AutoSync feature that allows for seamless uploading to multiple websites. If you are looking to buy a Garmin GPS watch or cycling device, be sure to purchase one that is Bluetooth capable to simplify the process even more. This allows you to wirelessly upload your data from pretty much anywhere that you have cell service via your smartphone or tablet.

Note: This information has been adapted from a great post by the team at Mountain Peak Fitness

How to Setup Garmin AutoSync

This works by first signing up for a Garmin Connect account (if you don’t already have one) and then connecting your Training Peaks & Strava account to it. This only needs to be done once. So now whenever you upload your workouts to Garmin Connect, whether wirelessly or through USB, it will automatically send those workout files to TP & Strava. No longer is the need to upload to multiple websites. Follow the links below.

  1. Connect TRAINING PEAKS account to Garmin AutoSync, click here. Enter your TP Username & Password, choose to sync your last 30 days of activities if you haven’t done so before, and your all set!
  2. Connect your STRAVA account to Garmin AutoSync, click here. Visit settings under your profile and look to the right column for Social Connections. Select Connect with Garmin and follow the directions from there. Once you’ve established this connection, any activities uploaded to Garmin Connect™ will automatically sync to Strava within minutes.
  3. For Suunto users only: If you use Suunto Watches, you can connect your Training Peaks account to Movescount.com by clicking here.

Each of these sites has a mobile app, download it and login with the username and password. Visit the Apple App store, Google Play or Window Apps and type in the “search” bar, Training Peaks, Strava and or Garmin Connect, download and login. You will need to do this just once.

When you are finished creating your accounts and linking them together, get outside and have some fun! Be sure to press the start button on your watch, gps device or mobile app and hit the stop button when finished. Then allow your phone or mobile device access to Garmin Connect and or share it to the app. Take your time learning and exploring these great apps and sites. You will become more familiar each time.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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