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Run Fast This Fall – Runner's Toolkit

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Run Fast This Fall

The toolkit every runner needs to run faster, further, and funner.

Wonderful fall weather, scenery, and running events will be upon us before we know it. It is the perfect time of the year to push beyond the limits you thought possible.

Join this unique program providing coaching, online learning, and team support to achieve your running goals.

Coach Brock's introduction to the course

Coach Brock's introduction to the course

This program provides the types of resources a coached athlete would enjoy at a fraction of the price.

By blending online learning, in-person training, and collaboration with coaches and local athletes, participants will learn new ways to focus and refine their training to achieve goals and get to new levels of running performance.

Your Coaches

This program exists to give you information, tools, and support you need to reach a higher level of performance by the end of this year.

Led by Brock Butler, elite runner and coach, and Dr. Arianne Missimer, expert physiologist and movement coach, this course brings local athletes together into a community of mutual support. You might not be an elite athlete with access to a team of resources, be we’ll make you feel like one.

We’ve opened the program up to athletes of all abilities, to join us in a 3-month journey toward better running speed, strength, and confidence.

The benefits extend beyond just running performances, but our measurement of success will be a running-related event this fall (e.g. 5K race, training run, 1/2 marathon, etc.).

Brock is the head coach and creator of Run Expression

Dr. Arianne is the owner and founder of The Movement Paradigm

Brock Butlerunfold_more

Elite runner and coach, racing 1 mile on the track, 100 miles on the trails, and everything in between.

Brock Butlerclose

Brock Butler is an athletic coach and elite competitor who focuses on running events from 1-mile track races up to 100-mile ultramarathons. He won the 40+ masters division at the Philadelphia Marathon in 2017, the Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra race the same year, and the USATF Masters 3000m Indoor nationals and Cherry Blossom 10 mile race in 2018.

Brock’s passion is helping athletes of all ages gain satisfaction and confidence by fully expressing their potential as a runner. He started Run Expression and Team Run Xpress to provide athlete education, coaching services and a social community in the Philly region.

Dr. Arianne Missimerunfold_more

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Dietitian, Human Movement Specialist, and 18-year fitness and nutrition professional.

Dr. Arianne Missimerclose

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Dietitian, and Human Movement Specialist, Dr. Arianne has spent the past 20 years in the fitness and nutrition industry. Dr. Missimer is the owner and founder of The Movement Paradigm where she shares her passion for an integrative approach with professionals and the community. The Movement Paradigm is an integrative approach to your health blending Eastern and Western Medicine, rooted in neuroscience, functional medicine, and movement science.

Dr. Missimer was awarded the “2010 Outstanding Alumni Award” from the University of Delaware,the “2011 Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year” by the American Dietetic Association,” the “2015 Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Specialist of the Year” by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the “2017 Physical Therapy Alumni Award” by Neumann University. Additionally, she is Master Instructor for the Evidence Based Fitness Academy and is extensively trained in movement from the ground up, including foot and ankle biomechanics, footwear, and injury prevention and rehabilitation for common running injuries. She is also a course instructor for Fit-EDU, Home CEU Connection, as well as a TEDx speaker.

She presents nationally and internationally in the area of movement science and serves on multiple advisory boards. Her personal goal is to restore optimal health in individuals of all ages and abilities and to bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance.

5-Step Process

1Pick a running goal
Run a fast 5K, half-marathon, or marathon? How about your first trail race? The possibilities are endless. Select a running goal that is challenging, motivating, and unique to your capabilities. The program guides you through optimal goal selection and accomodates a wide range of runninig types (road, trail, track, recreational).
2Design a training plan
Keeping the end goal in mind, you’ll develop a training strategy that allows you to break things into smaller cycles and form the structure of your training plan. You’ll also learn how to adapt and modify training plans to keep you on track as your circumstances change.
3Develop physical and mental skills
Expand your training toolkit with specific exercises, strategies, and assesments. You’ll gain speed, efficiency, resilience, and confidence as you incorporate these skills into your training.
4Share with, and learn from, your team
Collaborating with the coaches and other athletes provides deep knowledge from the team’s collective experience, increases accountability, and make training more enjoyable. In-person (and recorded) clinics provides hands-on learning opportunities.
5Run fast and achieve your goal
Prepare and perform on your big day. Celebrate your, and your teammate’s, accomplishments. No matter how things turn out, we’ll all have learnings to celebrate.

Program Overview

The program officially kicks off on August 28th and ends with our November social, but you can get started with the first course as soon as you join. All face-to-face gatherings will be held in the Philadelphia region, most likely near King of Prussia.

We’ll be sharing videos of the events and communicating online, so you do not need to attend the events to benefit from this program.

Program Overview Diagram

Access to five online courses, each with multiple videos, lessons, and activities

COURSE 1: Get Ready to Run Fast This Fall – includes introductory lessons and a critical course on goal setting where you will decide what you are going to accomplish by the end of the year.

COURSE 2: Create Your Training Plan – Pick from one of three ways to create your training, then develop your big-picture training strategy. With the end goal in mind, you’ll frame a training structure that facilitates personalized workout planning throughout the course.

COURSE 3: Prepare Your Body – Learn physical skills that will enhance your running, including breathing, posture, strength, stability, mobility, movement preparation, running drills, running plyometrics, and self-massage.

COURSE 4: Prepare Your Mind – Getting into the right mindset can be the difference between success and failure, so this course will teach you how to handle your subconscious mind, develop a growth mindset, and find more focus & flow in your running.

COURSE 5: Go After Your Goal – This course helps you with day-to-day decisions while teaching you some of the nuances of run training. You’ll also learn how to prepare for your race and foster a support network to make achievements even more meaningful.

Course forums for interacting with instructors and participants

The course forums are an important part of the course. This is where you will share the output of your coursework, ask questions, get advice, and meet and support your fellow athletes. We will use a closed Facebook Group for this forum. You will receive an invite as soon as you sign up.

Weekly email communication from the coaches to keep you on track

Weekly emails will focus you on the most important lessons and activities. We’ll also share participant stories so you can learn from the other athletes in the course. Event details will also be shared by email.

Three 90-minute running clinics

The running clinics will be scheduled toward the end of August, September, and October. The first is planned for 6:30pm, August 28th, at Valley Forge Park. We’ll conclude each clinic with a social run. These clinics will be scheduled during the week in the evening at 6:30pm, somewhere in thing King of Prussia area. We’ll share dates ASAP. If you can’t make it, we’ll be sharing a recording of what was taught at the clinic, and we’ll create a message thread for follow-up questions and comments.

End-of-program social gathering

A huge part of this program is celebrating all our learning and accomplishments. In addition to email and online communication, we’ll organize a group social at the end of November. Attendance is optional.

Have questions? Contact us to learn more.

Ask A Question

Ways You’ll Get Faster

Smarter Trainingunfold_more

Your goal-specific training plan will systematically develop athletic capability to develop running speed.

Smarter Trainingclose

This course gives you the tools you need to create a structured training plan.

You’ll turn your athletic goals into a training strategy, your training strategy into a structured training framework, and your structured framework into a training plan with actual workouts.

It consisted of four lessons:

1. First, we cover three tools that can be used to capture your training plan and keep it updated.
2. Second, we come up with a training strategy based on your goals and where you are starting from today.
3. Third, we break things down into training cycles, each with a purpose that is guided by our training strategy.
4. Finally, we start putting workouts on the calendar, knowing that we’ll have to continuously refine and update our training schedule

Improved Running Efficiencyunfold_more

More speed with less effort. Your coaches will teach you how to move more efficiently and provide simple exercises to develop further over time.

Improved Running Efficiencyclose

Unless you’ve stood atop an Olympic podium or broken tape at a major road race, your running efficiency is likely on par with most other runners. This means that only about 20% of the energy you expend while running is actually used to propel yourself forward. The other 80% is lost – wasted – as a result of heat produced by muscle contractions and energy loss from up/down motion you can’t recover for forward movement.

Consider two runners with the same work capacity, or maximal oxygen consumption (also known as peak oxygen uptake or VO2 max). They can be the same age with the same healthy background, and train together every day for weeks leading up to any given race. Yet, on the big day itself, their race times can vary up to 20% due to differences in their efficiency.

To look at it another way, this 20% efficiency variation is the difference between running a 3-hour and 3.5-hour marathon with the same fitness level!

For most runners, even a mere 5% efficiency increase translates to more than one minute’s difference over a 5K. So any improvements you can make in this area essentially equate to “free speed.” You’ll move faster at a given level of effort.

There are many strategies for improving efficiency that are easily realized through specific training, technique, and gear-selection strategies (among other things). You’ll learn more about these strategies throughout this program!

Increased Physical Resilienceunfold_more

Keeping your body strong and resilient allows you to run more consistently, and consistent running is the most reliable way to get faster.

Increased Physical Resilienceclose

Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” And running tends to break down both body and mind over time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however.

In fact, this breakdown and repair process is exactly how we get stronger and faster. So preparing yourself – your whole self – to be more resistant to injury, fatigue, and demotivation is critical to running success!

This requires practice. It is definitely one of those things you want to work on before you need it.

In return, you become a better athlete and a faster runner. You’ll feel better, have more confidence and have a better shot at avoiding the dreaded pitfalls so many other runners face both on and off the track, country road, or early-morning cityscape.

Higher Motivationunfold_more

Your coaches, your team, and the mental training in this program will help you get out the door in the morning and push a little harder during those big workouts.

Higher Motivationclose

What goes on between your ears is just as important as the physical aspects of running. Your mindset and internal self-talk can make an intense difference in winning races or pushing that extra mile. In order to truly achieve optimal performance, your mindset is critical to allow you to focus not just running, but on rest and preparation between runs.

We also want to make sure we’re running for the right reasons and that you enjoy what you’re doing, rather than for body image or weight-loss reasons alone. Your training program should always be meant to build you up rather than break you down. Your coaches and teammates will help keep you focused on the right things, and the program contains four online lessons on mental preparation:

1. Handling the subconscious
2. A growth mindset
3. Mental prep for training and racing
4. Focus & flow

Better Preparationunfold_more

Sometimes, it is the little things you do ahead of time that make the difference on the big day.

Better Preparationclose

We’ll spend time planning ahead so you don’t need to worry about the little things on the day when you are putting it all on the line. Your gear, nutrition, logistics, running strategy, and mental mindset should all be figured out way before they are called to action. This allows you to focus all your energy on the task at hand and elevate performance to the highest possible levels.

Optimal Day-to-Day Decisionsunfold_more

The little decisions you make every day have a big impact on your long-term athletic development.

Optimal Day-to-Day Decisionsclose

The kinds of decisions you make on a daily basis make a big difference in overall outcomes. Here are some daily decisions that you may face:

– Should you workout today?
– Should you stick to plan or change?
– Do you need more recovery?
– Should you meal prep?
– Do you need a warm-up?
– Do you have time to work on your movement training?
– Should you do a hard or easy run today?

Good decisions, even little ones like these, compounded over time are what make you successful.

Start The Program Now

You can jump into the first course and create your running goal as soon as you sign up. Your coaches will communicate with you weekly by email as well as in the online forum where you'll share your goals, training plan progression, and course learnings. The August, September, and October clinics will held toward the end of each month during the week (likely at 6:30pm in the King of Prussia area). You'll get a recording of each clinic in case you can't make it. We'll introduce participants, their goals, and their progress throughout the program to facilite connections and support between athletes.