Runner's Toolkit

Running Movement Foundation Exercises

This is a great workout for fine-tuning your running movement by combining neuromuscular programming, stability, and strength into a short workout that should take no more than 15 minutes. In the second video, I’m using a Pro-Tec Athletics Orb Mobility Ball and standard lacrosse ball. In the third video, I am using the #5 GreenRead more

Treadmill Workout – Drills and Exercises

Treadmills: Running indoors on a treadmill gets a bad rap, but it can be an incredibly effective tool for training. Especially over the winter. Use the opportunity to work on both form and fitness with this video I recently posted at The Runner’s Toolkit. Warmup with drills — marching, bounding, skipping, and shuffling is allRead more

Stability with Rotation – Workout A

Counter-rotation of upper and lower body is important for efficient and injury free running. This workout will improve rotational control through the spine and allow your core muscles to work in tandem with the rest of your body as you run. A stable spine is a healthy spine, so this workout will help reduce theRead more

Yoga Flow for Runners

Use this routine to strengthen your glutes and core, increase your hip mobility, improve your arm swing, and optimize your form for the miles ahead. – Focus: strength, performance – Key muscles: glutes, hips, core, back, shoulders – When: pre-run or cross-training – Suggested props: strap/belt/tie, 2 blocks, and folded blanket or towelRead more

Yoga Recovery and Mobility – Workout A

The goal of this workout is to ease stiffness and restore range of motion in the body by increasing fluidity to muscles, surrounding tissues, and joints. Remember to pause and notice how you feel. These observations help you to establish a baseline of where you’re at, become more aware of the effects of your practice,Read more

Plyometric Adaptation Circuit

This circuit is the foundation for more specific work to follow in terms of absolute strength and plyometrics. It is also a very useful tool to use in lower extremity injury rehabilitation to rebuild work capacity in preparation for a returning to running. Before progressing to more run-specific strength and plyometric exercises, an athlete shouldRead more

Stability Foot-to-Core Sequencing – Workout A

This exercise progression is designed to help runners control their posture and footstrike as they run. It works by programming optimal muscle activation sequencing and firing patterns. You’ll hear us refer to this progression as “foot-to-core” sequencing. These patterns become ingrained in muscle memory as the exercises are repeated and will automatically transfer to runningRead more

Movement Preparation A

Movement Preparation (Warm-up) Workout A A movement preparation routine is essential to prepare your body for energetic activity, priming your nervous system to help you perform at your peak. Proper warm-ups should also help you practice and refine movement patterns and technical skills, increase mental focus, activate key stabilizers, increase heart rate and core temperature,Read more