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Stability Foot-to-Core Sequencing – Workout A – Runner's Toolkit

Stability Foot-to-Core Sequencing – Workout A

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This exercise progression is designed to help runners control their posture and footstrike as they run. It works by programming optimal muscle activation sequencing and firing patterns. You’ll hear us refer to this progression as “foot-to-core” sequencing. These patterns become ingrained in muscle memory as the exercises are repeated and will automatically transfer to running with enough repetition.

Practicing this exercise progression regularly improves many of the most common running issues:

  • Improper glute activation
  • Weak core control
  • Foot and leg muscle activation prior to footstrike

Once you become proficient with these movement patterns, you will be able to run more efficiently due to improved muscle activation that will allow you to transfer more force every footstep. You’ll also become more resilient to some of the most common running injuries.

These exercises should always be performed barefoot. A Naboso training mat is an ideal surface, but a hard floor is also very good. Performing these exercises immediately before running will allow more of the “muscle memory” to transfer to your running, but you’ll get benefits doing them any time of the day.

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