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Treadmill Workout – Drills and Exercises – Runner's Toolkit

Treadmill Workout – Drills and Exercises

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Treadmills: Running indoors on a treadmill gets a bad rap, but it can be an incredibly effective tool for training. Especially over the winter. Use the opportunity to work on both form and fitness with this video I recently posted at The Runner’s Toolkit.

  • Warmup with drills — marching, bounding, skipping, and shuffling is all possible on a treadmill. Just be extremely careful because falling on a treadmill is very dangerous. Always be safe. Watch from minute 1:09 of the video for examples.
  • Focus on form — Work on posture, high hips, quick feet, separated legs, and other cues that will help you run better. Watch from minute 5:15 of the video to see how I work on form while running on the treadmill.
  • Incorporate hills — Hill intervals will make workouts seem quicker, and the variation is great for your body. David Roche provided six specific treadmill hill workouts in his Trail Runner magazine article last year. You can also start at minute 10:25 in this video to get even more ideas.
  • End with strides — Just like we often end a run with strides (short, fast accelerations followed by long recovery), it is a great idea to end your treadmill sessions with a few accelerations. Just stay safe! Here I am doing strides at minute 13:00 of the treadmill running video.

Do you have a good way to train on a treadmill? Share your ideas with the Run Xpress group on Facebook. Please join if you haven’t done so already!

While we are at it, here is another video that focuses on a specific aspect of running posture that many runners struggle with: “leaning from the ankles with high hips.”

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